Welcome to BIGTAMPA.COM: The website for the hippest, hottest, and most happening people, places and events in Tampa.  This website will celebrate Tampa’s sensual underbelly, and we want you to join in.  Stop in often and check out the hottest trends, biggest events, free giveaways, VIP tickets, club passes and pictures of some of the hottest people in the Bay area.

Some shout outs for BigTampa.com

“Fabulous! I love it!” ~ Kelly

“I love the music. Fun.” ~ Lynn

“What a cool website. Long overdue in Tampa.” ~ Anthony

“Awesome site!” ~ Ryan

“BIGTAMPA.com is hip, fresh, electric. Tampa has much to offer on so many levels. Spread the love.” ~ John

“Nice web site! Hot Box video is fantastic!” ~ Shelley

“Eye-catching! Innovative! HOT!”” ~ Erik

“Congratulations on a great site.” ~ Claudette

“Love the website, and when I move to Tampa, this will truly be my source to know where the coolest stuff is happening.”
~ Candi

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