Whether on the beach, in a club or just walking down the street, check out some of Tampa’s finest looking Hotties with a Body. We are sure you will like what you see…

Summer 2012 Hotties

Summer is in full swing, so BIGTAMPA.COM is turning up the heat with this month’s hotties. Guimel Murillo is Ms. August, and her story is amazing. Born with spina bifida, Guimel endured more than 23 corrective surgeries since she was a child, yet turned out to be one of the most beautiful and graceful women in Tampa. Her experience led her to a career as a surgical assistant which she does presently. Simultaneously, she is furthering her education, studying anesthesia and biomedical science. Guimel’s stunning looks have taken her far, including layouts in Tampa’s exceptional Phassion Magazine, but her real allure is her strength, character and personality….beautiful outside and in.

Ian Evans is BIGTAMPA.COM’s first military man, formerly serving his country in the US Navy on two fast attack subs, USS Salt Lake City and USS Hartford. During his service he saw the world ~ Japan, Singapore, Korea and the North Pole. A 2011 USF graduate, Ian has been getting attention from photographers who like his wholesome all-American looks and solid build. We asked Ian to be Mr. August because of his rising stock. He has been part of several large projects recently including Tampa’s Chillounge. Engaged to be married next year, Ian and his fiance’ scuba dive, sky dive, drive muscle cars and play soccer to keep fit and focused.

For July, BIGTAMPA.COM celebrates Tampa’s modeling prominance with two stunning models from Phassion Models, and we begin with Aylen Suarez. This 29 year old hottie is more than just a pretty face, she’s a business woman who owns her own car dealership. But modeling is her first love, appearing in several magazines including Tampa Bay, Vocess, Tampa Women and Phassion. She is represented by several big agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Tampa. Her striking, erotic look has gotten the attention of Hollywood, and has major projects in the works.

Brad Slaughter is a Tampa native with a face made for the camera. The 21 year old coverman for Classic Male and Hopelessly Romantic, Brad has done more than 40 photo shoots and casting calls nationwide, was an actor in King’s 15 Things, and is currently an extra in the Stars mini-series, Magic City. Brad’s chisled face and body have LA calling, and he will soon move there to pursue his dream of being one of the best actors/models in the country.

Summer means fun in Tampa, so BIGTAMPA.COM chose Danie Fuller as Ms. June because she embodies everything great about our city: fun, warm, friendly and beautiful. Danie has been modeling since she was 7. Her portfolio is full of haute-couture photographs, but we loved her fun, playful side. An all-American Tampa girl, Danie has always been involved with people, events and big parties. If it’s fun, she’s there ~ bartending private and special events, co-ordinating itineraries for Tampa VIPs, and is currently working as a liaison to Tampa’s exploding art, fashion, and photography industries.!/daniemodels

Shaine Mathis is only 19, but this young man is destined for greatness. Within weeks of placing his image online, the big names came calling: Hollister, Abercrombie and Rivi. Naturally, BIGTAMPA.COM wanted him included in our stock of extreme hotties as Mr. June. He recently finished a Miami photo shoot with Rocio from Jersey Shore, and has been picked up by the Brit Alexander Agency. A 2011 graduate of Tampa’s Leto High School, Shaine’s focus was track, football and academics, but his future will clearly be in front of the camera. One look at his pictures explains why, and Shaine will represent Tampa very well indeed.!/shainemathis

May brings another first to BIGTAMPA.COM ~ Tampa models who are also boyfriend and girlfriend. Whitney Uicker is Ms. May, and get set for one hell of a resume. Whitney has been singing, acting and modeling since she was a toddler. No stranger to Hollywood, she’s appeared on MTV, CMT, numerous magazines, and is meeting this month with a big name music producer from Hollywood. Her sultry looks and perfect body turn heads, but that’s just icing. Whitney is a force in the classroom. Her focus? Biological forensic psychology. She is a world-traveler, former Miss St. Petersburg, owns land in Canada, and likes to jump out of planes… and she’s only 18.

Mr. May, Anthony Cadrecha, is only 20 years old, but has already exploded onto the burgeoning Tampa modeling scene. High-level photographers competed to secure his image. He won model of the year on the website, All-American Guys, and was cast in Hollywood’s new, major motion picture, “Just Go With It,” starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Tony lives for the adreneline rush that comes with skydiving, shark diving, and all sports. A high school athlete, he graduated with a 4.2 GPA ~ good enough for USF to offer him a full scholarship for marine biology, the same concentration as Whitney. It was love at first sight for Anthony and Whitney, and they plan to stay together as both of their stars skyrocket to Hollywood.

Tara Townsend has the classic features of golden-age Hollywood starlet, Joan Crawford. BIGTAMPA.COM saw it immediately, so we asked her to be Ms. April. However; Tara shares more than Crawford’s chiseled beauty, she has her poise and power. Tara is working toward her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai kickboxing, which uses eight parts of the body for protection. She currently teaches children martial arts which helps them develop self-discipline and self-respect, something that gives her a great sense of accomplishment. As a child, Tara’s statuesque-beauty was noticed quickly. Her tall, lean frame and pretty face were perfect for runway modeling, and still are.

Hungarian-born Daniel Nyiri could live anywhere in the world, but he chose Tampa, and he brings with him an impressive resume. Daniel is a professional hockey player, playing at all levels in Europe and in the NHL farm camp, but became focused on nutrition and excercise. He opened his fitness camp here in Tampa and trains skaters, boxers and other high-level athletes during the summer including Hungarian National Team gymnasts. Simultaneously, Daniel runs his own fitness training company,and travels extensively for fitness and sports-based photo shoots world wide.

Dennii Bortnak is Ms. March, and you can see why BIGTAMPA.COM chose her. A fresh, young face on the modeling scene, she skyrocketed as a painted Playboy model. Photographers love Dennii’s stunningly pretty body on Caribbean beach photo shoots, and she was quickly put in Strobe Magazine for obvious reasons. A recent graduate of USF, Dennii holds a degree in Marine Biology, and is quite athletic despite her petite, 97-pound frame ~ surfing, diving, snorkeling and rock climbing.

Ubiquitous is the only word to describe Mr. March, Zachary Vazquez, because he IS everywhere. Based in Tampa, Zach is a one man, tour de force entrepreneur who has been featured in more TV, film, and national publications than we can list. His handsome face and solid physique burned hot on the cover of Playgirl as one of its hot college hunks, he has done national TV ad work for Gillette, Gold’s Gym, Elite and UFC, and his picture is continuously used for covers of romance novels worldwide. Zach broke many a heart when he stepped onto the stage during Miami Fashion Week, and this year, his professional intinerary will take him into Europe and beyond.
Model Mayhem

Spring 2012 Hotties

BIGTAMPA.COM and Phassion Models connect again to bring you two stunning, young hotties. We begin with Nitta Fincke. Her father is a former ambassador to Thailand, so she was raised and educated in the US, France, Morocco, Senegal and Singapore, but finished at USF, speaking three languages. Nitta started modeling at age 14, and Disney quickly secured her for the character role of Pocahontas at Walt Disney World. From there, Nitta’s erotic look opened the door to runway, commercial/print, and spokesmodel jobs. In addition to being beautiful and smart, she is kind of heart, working with the Make-A-Wish foundation and other charities that help children with life-threatening injuries.

Michael Heppner is a fresh new face in Tampa, modeling for Model Productions and Phassion. He works for the world’s leading crossbow manufacturer and pushes his physical limits in the sport of archery. As a result, Michael was asked to sponsor the supplement line, Beast Mode Labs, and is currently working toward his personal trainer certification. His solid, lean build was quickly noticed, and he started doing photo shoots ranging from fitness to fashion. He has participated as a runway model for Tampa’s breakout event, Chillounge Night, and has been approached about doing several small film roles. But the real loves of his life are his two children, Jestine and Michael, the apples of his eye.

Winter 2011-2012 Hotties

BIGTAMPA.COM continues its reputation for excellence with our February hotties, and we begin with Cassey Figueroa. This smokin’ hot 21 year old college student is already turning heads as a bartender at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, and is 1 of only 20 girls selected nationwide to be part of the 2011 Hard Rock Calendar. She won the crown of Miss Puerto Rico Tampa in 2008, and modeled for JRP. Cassey started modeling and playing soccer at a young age, so she has always enjoyed being a role model for young girls, demonstrating how every girl can be anything she wants to be.

Colby Erskin is BIGTAMPA.COM’s first football athlete.  College football fans know him as a 5 year receiver for the USF Bulls during their period of meteoric rise, for holding the record for the fastest 40 yard dash in school history at 4.2 seconds, and for being named Big East All-Academic Team in 2007 and 2009, graduating with a degree in criminology.  Colby’s future is just as red hot.  His smoldering looks and solid physique have opened many doors including offers from national magazine photographers, and was recently signed by one of the most dynamic fitness modeling agencies in the country, All-American Guys.  Meanwhile, Colby remains active in football, fitness training three former Bulls who now play in the NFL.

Heather Green, one look at this power physique and you realize she is no ordinary hard body. Heather is a world-class fitness and figure champion with more awards than we have room to print. She has competed at the highest levels of competition and holds several prestigious titles including Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Figure Universe. Heather’s professional resume is just as impressive, featured in multiple national publications including Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Flex and Status, and is the current spokesmodel for San Sports Supplements. Heather says her greatest accomplishment was competing in Ms. Figure Olympia, the most prestigious figure competition in the world.

Troy Taylor was chosen as a male hottie because of his new age spice. Not only can Troy work a camera doing occasional photo shoots, but he’s at the top of his game when it comes to his Tampa business. Weight training is a mainstay, and Troy has worked with some of Tampa’s biggest sports names as a strength, conditioning and speed enhancement coach for the former Tampa Bay Devil Rays. A graduate of Penn State’s health education program, Troy is a new age nutritionist. His routine is not merely anaerobic, rather spiritual, mental and physical conditioning combined. Troy’s discipline has been the centerpiece of publications which focus on the realm of spiritual exercise — blending mind, body and soul.

There are many Tampa women in power suits, but Angela Hitchcock takes it to the next level. She is a force to be reckoned with in the office and in the gym. A personal client of Douglas Zimmerman, she maintains a grueling exercise routine. Clearly, Angela’s looks grab your attention first, but she quickly proves there is much more to her than meets the eye. Her accomplishments span 20 years in business, including executive level work at Chase Manhattan and First Horizon Bank, plus she has extensive experience in real estate, sales, and major project site development. When it’s time to relax, Angela enjoys the best of Tampa, and says nothing is more chill than sitting at the beach and reading.

When it comes to extreme physical training in Tampa, one name is at the top of the list: Douglas Zimmerman. Douglas is a highly-acclaimed Tampa businessman and powerhouse model. His chiseled physique has been the focus of almost every major fitness magazine in circulation including cover model for Men’s Workout, Men’s Exercise, Olympian News, Gold’s Gym ad campaigns, and the list keeps going. He is also the personal trainer to celebrities across the globe. In addition to his good looks, Douglas is a professional health consultant, certified in age management nutrition and corrective exercise therapy. When Douglas isn’t working hard, he enjoys the big city flair of SOHO in both New York City and south Tampa.

December 2011

Kristen DeLuca is a proud USF Alum, model and actress.  Not only a pretty face, Kristen blossomed in Tampa ~ inducted into several prestigious honor societies and graduating with honors in criminology in 2005.  She is now in Hollywood, California working in television and film, gracing the pages of numerous beauty publications and is the focal point of a new national promotion for Spike TV.

Angelo Gomez is a Tampa model and athletic trainer.  Clearly dedicated to a healthy active lifestyle, Angelo teaches this philosophy to his clients.  Angelo has been honored by fitness experts for his role in promoting health and exercise awareness, has been the focus of numerous fashion and fitness magazines and national ad campaigns, and recognized by the bodybuilding industry for his rock solid physique.

November 2011

Emily Asher’s warm personality and personal style land her on BIGTAMPA.COM as Ms. November. Currently, Emily is studying speech pathology at USF, but she is no ordinary college student. Her motivation is to help people, and she puts her money where her heart is. After graduating high school with an international baccalaureate diploma, Emily developed a non-profit photography company that donates all proceeds to numerous charities. Her compassion and love of community is second only to her allure. Emily’s smoldering eyes, pretty face and petite shape make her a head-turner. Her beauty pulls you in, but her heart will keep you.

Look at Mr. November and one thing is clear, this Florida native is sexy ripped. Joe Herr is a full time student at USF. Nutrition, excercise and bodybuilding are his life, and Joe is making a big name for himself. Recently sponsored by Champion Nutrition, Joe competes as a natural bodybuilder, receiving a pro card in the Musclemania division. He took first place in only his second show, and plans on going to Nationals in Miami this month. Additionally, Joe’s buff body and handsome face recently caught the attention of Natural Muscle Magazine, and he now helps market their brand.

October 2011

Autumn in Florida brings cooler weather, but Angie Torres keeps it hot.  This Colombian-born model came to Tampa and immediately brought attention to our city. She represented Tampa in MAXIM magazine as a hometown hottie, and now she’s our Ms.October. Angie has worked on several productions with Fox Japan, and has made appearances in Miami’s “Viva La Familia.” She is a regular on the national fashion stage, travels for photo shoots world wide, and is on tap to make a music video in Bermuda for Fiyah Marshall for obvious reasons.

USF football is on fire, and so is Mr. October. 21 year old Daryl Ash plays safety for the Bulls as #42. His speed, agility and rock-hard build make him a natural, and it’s been that way since day one. Daryl was a celebrated player in high school, and it followed him from Lakeland to Presbyterian College where he was recognized as one of the Big South’s freshman of the year. A member of the National Honor Society, Daryl transferred to USF to study health science. His grandmother is his motivation, as she was the one who encouraged him to chase his dreams.

September 2011

Natalie Caban is Ms. September because she’s what we like to call “a little spitfire.” This sassy, sexy 18 year old loves action sports, so don’t be fooled by her tiny 4’10″ frame. Natalie likes boating, traveling and anything outside. Her ambition is to be a doctor and to give back to others, especially children, but Natalie is more than meets the eye. Her sharp wit, affable nature, and smile make her intoxicating to be around, and BIGTAMPA.COM fell head over heels.

Tom Carter is cut from intrepid Tampa cloth. He served his country in the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division and comes from a true military background. His father lost his life fighting insurgents in Baghdad, and this is the kind of true blue American blood that courses through Tom’s veins. This 28 year old man of muscle is still serving his country working with the VA to help veterans get the health care they need. BIGTAMPA.COM chose Tom as Mr. September because he represents the heart, soul and grit of this great country. The dog tags around his neck are his father’s.
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